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Off to Cape York!!

sunny 28 °C


Well we made it to Lakeland and have finally caught up with Rod,Brenda,Scotty and Will. We had our last night with the Bev and Wayne. We left our vans and are now well on our way to the fun stuff or should I say muddy stuff.
The Yuks

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Our adventures with Etty bay

semi-overcast 25 °C

(Cassowary, Brooks Track, Josephine Falls,view from our van)

(Cassowary, Brooks Track, Josephine Falls,view from our van)

When we arrived at Etty bay. The Brooks’ thought we went up this track.(in the above photo) but we didn’t. They were missing for ages so Craig went looking for them and they were stuck very very stuck. Their car and van had slid off the track and chooka had to winch them to safety. After an hour they all returned to camp battered and bruised and bittern by mossies. All was well but they were exhausted and bev was very relieved.

Then we were told by the locals to watch our car cause the Cassowary’s will get our car. They see their reflection and attack it thinking it is another cassowary. A man told us that they watched one do $20,000 dollars damaged in about 5 mins. Because our car is black which is the worst colour the office lent us a car cover which was good. Jord was on Cassowary lookout with the broom, and he thought it would be good to pretend he was a Cassowary and scare me. I jumped through the roof.

And then we were told that our site was under a fruit tree the one that the fruit bats love. All night we were kept awake by pips landed on our roof it was like fire crackers going off. When we got up in the morning the van roof was covered in red plums splatter, so was the car cover. We asked to shift our site, we were given a beach front view which was grouse. Etty bay was a learning experience with nature....lol bye for now lisa and craig oxoxo

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Etty Bay

sunny 26 °C

(Etty bay, Josephine falls, Sky Divers, The Crab I caught)

(Etty bay, Josephine falls, Sky Divers, The Crab I caught)

Today we arrived at Etty bay, it has an awesome view of the beach. Bev, brooksy and I went for a swim in the ocean. When Bev got out, Brooksy taught me how to body surf I’m not that good but I tried. We swam for about an hour then we got out, it was so cool some parachute’s came down from the sky and landed right in front of us on the beach.
We went to Josephine Falls, Brooksy and I went swimming in the rocks and was sliding down the water fall it was like a slippery slide. It was so cold.
That night I sat on the beach all alone and was very quiet. Then a crab came out of its hole and one more until the whole beach was lit up in crabs. It was amazing, they ran as fast as they could when a moth would hit the ground and then they would eat it. They were so quick but I finally caught one you can see that in the photo above.
We are heading up to Cape York soon. Which I can’t wait to go four wheel driving and through river crossings. Also I am excited because I will be sleeping in my swag.

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Paronella Park

by Josh

semi-overcast 24 °C

José Paronella always had a dream, his dream was to grow up and build a castle. He chose a special part of Australia and built Paronella Park.
Paronella Park is situated on 13 acres beside Mena Creek falls, in North Queensland. Here he built his dream castle, together with picnic areas at the lakeside, tennis courts, tunnels and bridges, and planted seven thousand tropical plants and trees around the park.
Josѐ Paronella moved to Australia in 1913, he sailed from Catalonia in northern Spain to start a better life for his fiancée Margarita and himself. Jose worked hard for 11 years, earning his money by buying, developing and selling cane farms.
In his travels he found a water fall along the Mena Creek that was perfect for his plans. He purchased the land in 1929, and started building the grand staircase which has 47 steps. He used the staircase to carry sand from the bank of the river up to the castle and cottage. He built his cottage first, this took him three months and was ready for him and his wife to move in on Christmas Eve.
His next idea was to construct and install Australia’s first privately owned hydro-electric plant, to power the park. The hydro-electric plant was built in 1933. José opened the park to the public in 1935.
After he built the first castle he then moved on to building a second castle, and a tunnel in which he had plans to have an aquarium in. Sadly these plans were soon scrapped because his concrete leaked. Rather than waste the hard work he put into building the tunnel, he used it to grow mushrooms, which he sold to earn money, to put back into Paronella.
José had tennis courts made from crushed termite mounds, and canoes to hire to paddle around the river.
The park ran smoothly until a series of unfortunate events took place. In 1946 during a flood, a mass of logs from a clearing upstream swept away a railway bridge and destroyed the refreshment rooms. José replanted the gardens and fixed the rooms. The park was reopened for business within six months of the floods.
José died in 1948, leaving the park too Margarita, his daughter Teresa and his son Joe. Teresa married and moved to the city and sadly Margerita died in 1967. Joe and his wife were now responsible for running Paronella. Joe passed away in 1972, and his wife sold Paronella five years later.
In 1979 a bush fire struck burning the castles’ ballroom and leaving just the walls and the turret still standing.
In 1986 cyclone Winifred went through the park destroying much of the gardens. It wasn’t until 1993 the new owners Mark and Judy Evans, repaired and cleaned up the park.
Over the years a big gum tree had grown in front of the castle. When Mark and Judy invited Jose’s daughter Teresa back to visit the park, she spoke of a view, a view of the water fall framed by the castle. This view was not evident to Mark and Judy, until in 2006 cyclone Larry hit and the tree was knocked over, showing this view once again. The hydro turbine was restored in 2009 and is now once again powering Paronella Park.
José’s story is all about hard work and how such hard work can bring great joy and pleasure for generations to enjoy and keep as their treasured memories. I felt that although a lot of secrets had been discovered at Paronella Park, the park still has a lot of secrets in store. You could spend a lifetime just looking around finding new things.
Around the gardens

Around the gardens


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Mission Beach

semi-overcast 26 °C

our caravan park, A boat that was washed up on shore, a coconut tree jordan wanted to climb

our caravan park, A boat that was washed up on shore, a coconut tree jordan wanted to climb

Mission beach was a very nice place, its a place to come too chill out. You can walk to everything which was handy. At night the rainforest came alive with very strange noises but it made me feel like I was in the Avatar Movie. It was spooky but grouse at the same time. The boys did try some fishing off the rocks. Jordy caught a fish but when he went to show josh it got away. We saw a turtle swimming around which was cool. The boys packed it in after awhile.

AND Went Coconut hunting instead.....


They have gone coconuts!!

They have gone coconuts!!

Well off to Paronella Park tomorrow. I am so excited about that place one more sleep!.
The Yuks! xoxox

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